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I’ve been using All-Clad immersion blender for couple of months now and for home use it’s exceptional in terms of power and functionality.

I’m a small household cook, who has to cut lots and lots of veggies, enjoy making home made fresh vegetable soups and vegetable cream soups – there’s a healing magic about them. I am also terrible at handling knives, so I use my immersion blender mostly for chopping onions, carrots and other veggies – any knife related veggie task, as well as pureeing soups and preparing spreads.

Today, we’ll see how well the All-Clad immersion blender blends, how easy or difficult it is to use it and wash it and lastly, what are its weak points.

How Well Does All-Clad Immersion Blender Blends

This is the most important question. How well does it blend does it puree soup in a smooth cream or just slowly, aimlessly spin and leaves your potatoes the way you cut them?

Power and a larger head with exposed blades is a recipe for success. All-Clad has all 3 of them. Exposed blades and a powerful motor creates a great vortex. Wide head enables ingredients to get to the blades easily and quick.

And that’s what All-Clad immersion blender is: powerful, efficient and quick.

It blends any vegetable soup in under a minute. It blends quick and doesn’t struggle. The blend is smooth and consistent. The ‘secret’ to successful blending is to have enough depth of liquid in the pot you are blending in. This way you can ramp up the speed and power without creating a splash.

all-clad blender
One of the most convenient features of immersion blender is to blend straight in a pot.


I don’t do smoothies with it but I can imagine it would do well with softer fruit. There is a limit to what an immersion blender can blend, no matter the brand or model. All-Clad is one of the most powerful immersion blenders but if you want a silky smooth smoothie, Vitamix or Blendtec is your solution.

Researching other users experience it is the only immersion blender that blends soup to a restaurant standards. It blends beans, chickpeas and other nutty ingredients to a smooth consistency in 20 seconds. It crushes ice to mostly uniform particles in 15 seconds.

cream soup
All-Clad is the only immersion blender that blends soup to a restaurant standards.


This is far better than any other immersion blender in this price range. Breville and Braun lack suction and already struggle with beans. KitchenAid blends well but needs much more time, pushing to overheat the motor. And the famed Bamix is just the worst, don’t even bother..doesn’t even whip the cream.

How is All-Clad Immersion Blender Built

It’s built well. It’s body, head and blades are stainless steel, which I really like for sanitation purposes. Seals and connections are plastic or silicone.

I was surprised to see how big it is — much bigger than the regular sized immersion blenders. All-Clad has a total length of 17.25 inches, the shaft is extra-long 9.25 inches, a 3-inch diameter, and it weighs 2.8 pounds. It also feels much sturdier than any stick blender I’ve tried.

Let’s divide it in 2 parts: upper, where the motor is and lower, shaft part.
The upper part is solid, surprisingly heavy and has the power to do, what you need it to do for you – mind you, there are still limits to what an immersion blender can do.

It’s designed not to let motor get close to liquid, which is a design flaw, in many of these blenders. If liquid gets into the motor, it fries out the motor and you end up with a completely useless piece of junk.

At the very top of the upper part you have variable speed dial, and two speed buttons we’ll talk about a bit later on.

Next, the lower part. The shaft is one piece so it doesn’t leak like KitchenAid models with different tip attachments. It also doesn’t suck up liquid over time like the Cuisinart models.

immersion blender shafts
On the left hand side, All-Clad has the longest shaft.


The shaft is long 9.25 inch that can reach deep into pots and pitchers. This is another precaution All-Clad made to keep the motor away from liquid – very, very important.

It is also true that the blending head is so big it requires a larger container than most immersion blender have. It is an extra cost but for a good cause. Better to have a blender that blends fantastically but needs an additional container than a blender that fits in any container and doesn’t blend.

all-clad blade
Head is wide and open. Blade is exposed and easy to clean.


I made some experimenting and the best jar for All-Clad immersion blender is a 6-inch diameter and an 8-inch or so depth. That’s my idea of the optimum container for processing for 1-2 people.

For the whole family, use a bigger 10-inch diameter stock pot. In both cases, you have limited space so you don’t splat around but still have space mo move ingredients around.

Now, when the upper and lower part come together make sure it CLICKS when twisting the shaft onto the motor. It’s not sensitive, so don’t be afraid to “force” it further so that it aligned with the lock icon. It will work even when it’s not truly locked in place, but safety first, it’s better to have it locked completely.

All-clad immersion blender click
Don’t be afraid to use force. There should be a ‘click’ sound when the shaft secures properly.


All-Clad immersion blender has a 2-year warranty.


Is All-Clad Immersion Blender Powerful Enough?

If any, it’s All-clad.

All-Clad immersion blender has a 600 Watt motor, which is more than most competitors. I’ve read the 500 Watt and up is a heavy-duty category, which is absolutely fine. From experience, most immersion blenders are too weak to do the work, so 600 Watt it is.

To control its power, All-Clad immersion blender has a variable speed dial sitting on the very top of the blender. It has a lot of power that can be dialed up or down. And at the front there are 2 buttons: the bottom one is for power/ pulse and the top one is a turbo button that gives it an extra power and roar.

All-clad immersion blender controls
3 motor controls All-Clad immersion blender allows you to play with consistency you want to achieve.

Another thing that some people love others don’t. It has

no safety button or switch. This mean you can use it seamlessly to pulse and push your food around — with one hand.

Is it Easy To Clean All-Clad Immersion Blender?


Cleaning All-Clad immersion blender is easy. Detachable shaft is dishwasher safe and otherwise easy to rinse.

Just like with other immersion blender and motors in general, the upper part of the blender, motor housing should come in contact with water.

If you need to clean the motor housing, wipe it down with a cloth.


Issues All-Clad Immersion Blender Has


All-Clad has issues like any other immersion blender and there are more negative Amazon reviews that I’d like to see when buying a new toy.
Mostly, the bad reviews are of failures such as loosened up blades, cracks in the inside of the motor housing and detached disk at the bottom of a cup.

All-clad issues and fix
Main complaint is about disk getting loose. In the picture, you can see the components of a head pulled apart. On the right hand side is quick and easy solution to fix this problem.


Another inconvenience is that the head is so wide it doesn’t fit in a wide-mouth mason jar. You can buy an addition stainless cup they advertise as an add-on item. But a 4 cup Pyrex glass pitcher works just as well. Just open a cubby and see what will fit. It’s the price to pay for having a great performance.

Also, it doesn’t come with any attachments. A whisk attachment is available separately.

But talking about issues immersion blenders have, we should mention overheating. And All-Clad is currently, the sturdiest, most heat-resistant immersion blender on the market. While other model fail to keep going, All-Clad is nowhere near overheating. That’s why I bought it.


This is probably the best immersion blender out there at the moment. I have tried far more expensive models, that couldn’t be anywhere close to the power and functionality of All-Clad immersion blender.

Don’t let price, be a determination of quality. All-Clad is well-established brand and often price is just associated with brand recognition. What’s important that this blender is build to last and it blends like no other competitor. Yes, it still comes with issues, but less than other models, specially when it comes to overheating. I’m happy with it, use it on a daily basis and highly recommend it.

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I hope you found the information that is useful to you. If you have any questions, want to share your experience or just chat on this topic, write a comment below. I’d love to hear your point of view!

Till next time,


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  1. Thanks for this review. I never knew such a beautiful tool existed. It will be great for use in a small kitchen. I should get one for my family. All other blenders we have, always get spoilt in a few months and we always have to replace them. I hope this all clad immersion blender can be the solution to our blender problem

    • Hi Aweda, great to see hear from you again 🙂

      I don’t know who cooks at your house, but whoever it is it’ll be grateful forever if you bring this immersion blender home. It’ll have heaps of time and make cooking faster and more enjoyable.



  2. Nice article there on all clad immersion blender. 

    one of the things I really like able clad immersing blender.i seems to like it because of how big it is. There are so many times I want to big blender where I can blend many smoothie and some other things instand of using small blender that can save much time to do. 

    • Hi, it’s bigger and heavier than other immersion blender and I think this is also why it works that’s just built properly and has the capacity to blend big amounts, like you said.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  3. Hello. I am a professional chef and I have had terrible experiences with various immersion blenders in the past with most of them getting ruined due to liquid affecting the motor of the blender. From this article, I can see that the All-Clad immersion blender is the best option for me at the moment although the price is a bit steep. Thanks for your insight. 

    • Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences – it is, unfortunately, pretty common to flood the motor. And yes, an All-Clad immersion blender has nearly 3 inch longer shaft, which means 3 inch more depth and a motor still safely packed away.

      The price is not for an everyday shopping list but still much better than some pricier, less efficient brands. 

      If you’re looking for something more affordable, try Hamilton Beach Immersion Blender – great value for it’s price!  (If you follow the link, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find it there.) 

      Hope this helps,


  4. Tons of value to be found on this post; This is the most comprehensive review I have ever read on all-clad-immersion-blender.

    You  laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. I have been using this product for few months now and I can confirm that your review is just too perfect about the product.

    I have heard of the creators and they do have a good reputation according to many people that left comments in different places on the social media 

    • Hi Ola, thank you for leaving your feedback! It’s always great to hear a first hand experience. 

      Costumer service is a big part of a deal when committing to a product you want to have for the rest of your life. I haven’t had the need to contact them yet but it’s reassuring to know they keep their promises!

      Thank you,


  5. Hello Katya,

    Blenders are a valuable asset on any kitchen, especially for making tomato puree or a fruity smoothie. The all clad immersion blender would be fantastic for blending tomato and pepper in a pot. This would be very convenient especially for people with small kitchens. Thanks for sharing, would be a valuable buy.

    • Hi Louis, you’re right, an immersion blender is great for a small kitchen, or students in shared accommodation or campus. You can take it out of your draw when needed and then simply put it back and out of the way.

      That’s how I got my first Immersion blender, being a lazy student who couldn’t be bothered with chopping veggs 🙂

  6. Impressive equipment, as it comes with a 600 watt motor. I wonder if it can match the old mechanical mixer we have here in our bakeshop that’s being used for mixing liquid ingredients with dough. I’m thinking if this All-Clad Immersion Blender can do the job, then it’s time to retire the clunky mixer we’ve been using for almost a decade now.

    Another thing is, in case the equipment breaks down because of “over usage”, do we have service centers for this brand and model around the world? Because no matter how durable and tough this equipment is, there will be times an equipment will need servicing, and as a business owner, I think about that before buying.

    • Hi Gomer, better play it safe than sorry.

      I’m a terrible baker so unfortunately, I don’t know much about dough making. I would imagine All-Clad immersion blender would mix the liquid in the dough without a problem but I’m not sure if it’s “gentle” enough to get the fluffiness you want.

      As for the servicing, you can get spare parts like blade, seals, etc. on Amazon. And looking at their official website, I could find 10 registered repairers situated over US. However, when you buy an All-Clad Immersion Blender the store you bought it in should give you a stamped warranty and worse comes to worst, you can find a solution with their help.

      Hope this helps,


  7. Hi Katya,

    This is a fantastic informational article about All-Clad immersion blender. In today’s modern age, it is difficult to imagine a house that does not have any household appliances, which simplifies our life. Blender is one type of device – it can be used for various products recycle and pulverizes, cocktail and beverage whips and ice fired. I think it’s just an essential device for my kitchen. One of Blender’s main advantages is that it is very compact and easy to use. If I did not read your article then I could not know about All-Clad immersion blender. I’m going to share it with my family very quickly.

    • Hi, they are amazing little machines and they do save lots of space and time. Specially if you cook with lots of veggies and other whole-food ingredients.

      Thanks for sharing this article with your family!




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