vegan chocolate sauce recipe

Vegan Chocolate Sauce Recipe

The recipe for a vegan chocolate sauce has a couple of variations. All of them are quick and easy to make. Plus inexpensive. Today’s vegan chocolate sauce recipe can be used in baking, for coatings and glazing, chocolate flavor or as a straight homemade vegan chocolate. There are 4 parts to making a good chocolate: … Read more

vegan pasta dough recipe

Vegan Pasta Dough Recipe

This vegan pasta dough recipe is how tradition pasta was made, before the rich people start to add egg yolk to it. Vegan pasta dough is without eggs and water based. It still tastes just as good as the egg pasta. You can make it in a food processor or by hand, and with or … Read more

easy vegan pancake recipe

Easy vegan pancake recipe

Pancakes are always a good idea. Having pancakes for breakfast is even better because it means you don’t have to hurry and your day will be absolutely laid back and Zen. To celebrate slow and quiet mornings we need an easy vegan pancake recipe to go with. This recipe is easy, I require 5 ingredients … Read more


What is the Best Electric Pressure Cooker

The best electric pressure cooker reduces cooking time and uses less energy and water. If you want to have an extra hour or 2 in the afternoon and still enjoy healthy home-cooked meals, keep on reading and learn what is the best electric pressure cooker for you, without spending hundreds of dollars. What is the … Read more

Easy Vegan Lasagna Recipe

I know you’re after an easy vegan lasagna recipe. But I added a simple twist to it. It’s still a vegan lasagna and it’s easy to make but, in my recipe you get lasagna rolls with a creamy cashew cheese rolled up inside. This creates a wonderful casserole and if you add a big salad, … Read more

slow cooker marinara sauce recipe

Slow Cooker Marinara Sauce Recipe

A marinara sauce made in a slow cooker that is spiced just right can’t be beat. The fact that you can make it and take advantage of a slow cooker and walk away after you out in ingredients is a real prize. It’s great on pasta, rice, you can add it to a soups and … Read more

vegan substitute for cream cheese

Vegan Substitute For Cream Cheese

Vegan or no vegan, cream cheese tastes so good. And being a vegan, I do miss the consistency and the taste of it. From experience, you’re better off making your own than buying one – store bought vegan substitutes for cream cheese are like playing a roulette, some taste pretty good while others are a … Read more

homemade vegan mayonnaise recipe

Homemade Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

Making your vegan mayonnaise at home is a hit or miss process. There’re many recipes that just don’t make the cut. I bargained long and hard for this recipe with a friend of mine who’s also a chef in one of the Melbourne’s up beat burger places. It took some serious bribing, my Grandma’s well … Read more


Best Vegan Chili Recipe

This is hands down, the best vegan chili recipe ever. Although it has quite a lot of ingredients, the chili itself doesn’t take long to make – about an hour or so. It freezes well so make a big pot of it and freeze it for busy times. This particular recipe also has a special place … Read more

Basic Vegan Muffin Recipe

Muffins are the best. But if you don’t have a good basic recipe for the base of your muffin..then they’re not that great. Today, we’ll strip all the variations, mix-ins, improvements, fancy stuff and focus on simple, plain and basic vegan muffin recipe that you can use for pretty much any muffin variation you want … Read more