Vegan diet for beginners 

Hey you, so you decided to go vegan, eh? Fantastic! Vegan diet is not just carrots and salads, you know. And it’s definitely not boring or plain.   You’ll be surprised how easy it is to veganise your favorite recipes..specially today. There’re plenty of plant based food choices that will make your transition easy and … Read more

what is the best natural vegan protein powder

What is the best natural vegan protein powder?

Where do you get your protein from?? Plants, duh. Sometimes, from a natural vegan protein powder as well..   Eating vegan, plant based diet there are plenty of foods that can get you enough protein. No worries there. But a natural vegan protein powder can spike your protein intake significantly.   Either you want to … Read more

Is keto diet healthy

Is Keto Diet healthy?

So you’re thinking of going on a Keto diet but you’re wondering if it’s healthy? You’re one of a few who actually wants to do what’s best for the body – choose healthy. The reason why 99% of Keto dieters fail is because they dive into it blindly.   So Keto. What is Keto diet? … Read more


The best healthy diet for weight loss

In this article, we’ll talk about the best way to lose weight in the healthiest, most sustainable way. And no, it’s a diet, but not quite the diet you were expecting. In fact, we’ll learn how fad diets mock us, really. There’s plenty of studies done looking at this particular way of eating. So we’ll … Read more

whole food plant based shopping list

Whole Food Plant Based Shopping List

I often get asked what I eat and how do I shop for groceries. If you are new to Whole food plant based scene or you want to have a more organized approach when doing your groceries, this post is for you. There is also a downloadable, printable version at the end of this post … Read more

easy vegan pancake recipe

Easy vegan pancake recipe

Pancakes are always a good idea. Having pancakes for breakfast is even better because it means you don’t have to hurry and your day will be absolutely laid back and Zen. To celebrate slow and quiet mornings we need an easy vegan pancake recipe to go with. This recipe is easy, I require 5 ingredients … Read more


What is the Best Electric Pressure Cooker

The best electric pressure cooker reduces cooking time and uses less energy and water. If you want to have an extra hour or 2 in the afternoon and still enjoy healthy home-cooked meals, keep on reading and learn what is the best electric pressure cooker for you, without spending hundreds of dollars. What is the … Read more

Easy Vegan Lasagna Recipe

I know you’re after an easy vegan lasagna recipe. But I added a simple twist to it. It’s still a vegan lasagna and it’s easy to make but, in my recipe you get lasagna rolls with a creamy cashew cheese rolled up inside. This creates a wonderful casserole and if you add a big salad, … Read more

slow cooker marinara sauce recipe

Slow Cooker Marinara Sauce Recipe

A marinara sauce made in a slow cooker that is spiced just right can’t be beat. The fact that you can make it and take advantage of a slow cooker and walk away after you out in ingredients is a real prize. It’s great on pasta, rice, you can add it to a soups and … Read more

vegan substitute for cream cheese

Vegan Substitute For Cream Cheese

Vegan or no vegan, cream cheese tastes so good. And being a vegan, I do miss the consistency and the taste of it. From experience, you’re better off making your own than buying one – store bought vegan substitutes for cream cheese are like playing a roulette, some taste pretty good while others are a … Read more