Hamilton Beach food processor – Budget’s best

Today we’ll talk about the Hamilton Beach food processor.

We’ll see how well the Hamilton Beach food processor slices, shreds and chop.


What is Hamilton Beach food processor​

Hamilton Beach food processor is one of the best budget food processors that you can currently get on the market.

It costs 3 – 4 times less than other food processors this size (12 cups). If you’re not to picky about the shape and consistency of the slice, then Hamilton Beach food processor might just be your pick.


The characteristics of Hamilton Beach food processor are:

  • 16.25 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide and 8.7 inches deep,
  • the unit weighs 6.5 pounds,
  • the cord length is 25 inches,
  • it has suction feet so it doesn’t move around when processing,
  • control panel buttons: on/off button, slice/shred, puree/mix and pulse/chop,
  • the bowl holds 12 cups,
  • it comes with an S blade for chopping and a reversible disc for slicing and shredding.

Note to yourself, you cannot use Hamilton Beach food processor to grind coffee beans or spices, knead dough or crush ice. It’s only for veggies, nuts and seeds, fruits and herbs.


Hamilton Beach food processor in action

If you want to chop or mix, use the chopping blade, also called the S blade. To slice or shred, use the reversible disc.

Chopping and mixing

The S blade, is used to chop smaller ingredients like, herbs, seeds and nuts, onions, beans and pulses, etc.

I found that for best results, food, for example onions, should be cut into fourths prior to processing, and to use pulse option on the control panel for better control over the chop.
Also, a little tip, when you’re processing small foods and you want them to come out processed finely, like garlic cloves, seeds and nuts, it’s best to turn the machine on and then put the ingredients through the chute.

Hamilton beach food processor chopping
Chopping is a little chunky but with some additional prep you can get an even and consistent result. Picture: YouTube


So you can see that the chop is pretty chunky and uneven. For a more even chop, you’d need to chop ingredients separately with pulse and then, once they’re chopped combine them with pulse.



For slicing use reversible disc. One slide is for slicing and one for shredding.

I found that the chute is not as wide as I’d won’t it, so to fit the ingredient down the chute you have to cut it prior.. and then put the food to be sliced in the chute.

There is a “max fill” line so for safety reasons, your food should not go above the line. To push the ingredients towards the disc, se the chute foot, never ever your fingers. Ever.

The slices are pretty even, but they’re different shapes (square and round), which means that the vegetable moved in the chute.
For hollow vegetables like capsicum, slices are less even. About 75% slices look even and the way you would want them to look, while other 25% of slices is a wide array of shapes. The thickness is consistent, which is good.

Consistent thickness but random shapes of the slices. Picture: YouTube


In this case, the small chute would be ideal and there is a small chute on the lid as well. But, it’s only big enough to fit a carrot. If you have a cucumber, a leek or even a big carrot, small chute is useless – thus either you cut slim veggies in even slimmer ones or use a regular sized chute. The small chute, would, however, give you a more even slice, giving you round shaped slices only.



I found that shredding works much better than slicing.

Hard ingredients such as potatoes, beets and carrots will get shredded in seconds and very evenly.
Softer ingredients like leek, cheese or eggplant may get squeezed and pushed around the sides of the chute. This means you’ll end up with a larger amount of unprocessed food.

shreded potato
Shredding is done quick and evenly. Thumbs up! Picture: YouTube


In case of cheese, most food processor manufacturers recommend that you freeze it for at least 30min it prior to processing. In case of veggies, you can freeze it as well or just go with the flow and do some cutting at the end of your shredding.


Cleaning Hamilton Beach food processor

The bowl, S blade, reversible disc and chute foot are all dishwasher safe. All the parts are dishwasher safe except the base. I recommend you don’t use a too high temperature for your washing cycle, because it can eventually dull the blade and disc. The base can be wiped down with a damp cloth and dried.

One thing that bothers me when it comes to cleaning is the space between the chute and the handle. That is where the food might get stuck and it is somewhat challenging to get it out. You’ll probably need to use a toothpick to pick it out. Or try to rinse it out from the top.

stuck food
Getting out the food that gets stuck can be a little annoying. Use a toothpick to get it out or try to rinse it out. Picture: YouTube


Pros and cons of Hamilton Beach food processor

pros and cons



Although Hamilton Beach food processor isn’t perfect and has some cons like small chute and food getting stuck, it is a good value for it’s size and price point.

If you plan to use it mostly for processing vegetables and you don’t mind doing a bit of additional cutting, then yes, Hamilton Beach food processor is a solid decision. I would also recommend it for people who are new to food processing scene, it’s a great basic and affordable machine.

Ready to start slicing and cooking with a Hamilton Beach food processor? Check the current price here.



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17 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach food processor – Budget’s best”

  1. I have always wanted a food processor. My mom had one when i was growing up and I always found a use for it.  Whether I was slicing potatoes for scalloped potatoes or shredding cheese for a dip, a food processor is the way to go..  Hamilton Beach has a very good name and this processor sounds amazing. The bit of food getting stuck for cleaning is sort of par for the course with processors.  Really great review.

    • Hi coralie, food processor is a great addition to everyone’s kitchen. My mum use it at least 3-times a week plus of the weekends when she bakes. With Hamilton Beach food processor having to put an extra minute to get out stuck food seems like a good bargain for the price and general performance 🙂



  2. Yes! The Lord is good 🙂 This is just what I was looking for. A friend and I decided o learn to cook the other day and were seeking a machine for veggies just like this one. Once I reafd the descriptive details and function, it is quite exquisite and truly confirmed that we should now purchase it.

    • Go for it Linda 🙂 You’ll have great fun with your friend. Hamilton Beach food processor is great for processing veggies, specially if you’re only starting your food processors journey.


  3. Hi Katya!
    Great review about the Hamilton Beach food processor. You cover everything I would look for when buying a food processor, specially the part about cleaning it. I think that it is the most complicate thing and the reason why my family doesn’t use food processors that much. In my opinnion, if you can handle the cleaning part, then this food processor is actually very good. 



    • Hi Mariana, you’re not alone on the cleaning part. My mum uses food processor regularly but I’m the one who has to clean it. If I want her choc almond cookies for which she uses a food processor, I’m on cleaning duty, that’s the deal 🙂 So, yeah, ease of cleaning is a huge thing.


  4. I bought my first food processor last year, it was Hamilton beach but I just love it.  I have learned so many different recipes.  I know that my favorite is veggie pizza and it really is a favorite for the whole family. I recommend anyone to buy a food processor as it will open the door to new recipes and also will help with the food bill. 

    • Hi Tru2yu, having a food processor does help the food bill, many people don’t believe it but it really does. Just today, I did some bliss balls, so let’s do the math: I made 20 bliss balls, which would cost roughly $50, probably more. But, because I made it myself the ingredients cost me $15 max.

      It’s great to hear you’re happy with your Hamilton Beach food processor and you’re experimenting with recipes! Way to go 🙂



  5. You did a great job presenting the Hamilton Beach food processor. I don’t mind the random slicing or the small chute. What i really do not like is that food can get stuck in it. That will make it very hard to clean. I have a food processor with the same issue and I want something which is easy to clean. Just as you said, I am using a toothpick to make sure it is totally clean and I want something better. Any suggestion?


    • Hi Adyns68, hmmm, you could try to spray it out from the top? Or set your tap on trickle and try to gently rinse it out? I know, stuck food sucks and although the machine is great, it will stick to you and leave that bitter feeling at the back of your mind. But..of or when you’re ready to change your food processor, go for Cuisinart 14-cup food processor. If and when you’re ready. It’s worth every penny.

      Good luck,


  6. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. Lockdown is changing the lifestyles. I haven’t eaten out for a while now. There are a lot of work to prepare our own food. I think about purchasing a food processor, but never take time to carry out the research.

    Here comes your article, which provides all info I need to buy a food processor. I am not picky about the shape and consistency of the slice. I just need the pieces that are convenient to eat. I particularly like your description on the characteristics of Hamilton Beach food processor. All are in my ranges.

    This one sounds good for me and I am going to purchase one for sure.

    • Hi Anthony, there is more effort put into food when you cook at home but you can be in control of what you’re eating and it’s usually much healthier and cheaper 🙂

      Make your cooking experience so that you’ll enjoy it!



  7. I am looking for a food processor and don’t have a lot of money – so I think this will fit the bill.  I think that Hamilton Beach has a fairly good reputation so based on your review, it seems like a good option. One thing that I need the food processor for is grinding nuts since I make a lot of my own nut flowers.  I know that requires a good amount of power since the nuts get pretty thick when they are ground down. Do you know if this food processor will handle grinding nuts?

    I don’t think that it would be a problem cleaning the nuts – but would they tend to get stuck in the area you were talking about being hard to clean?  Thanks for a VERY thorough review and insight into the different food processors!

    • Hi Janice, you can definitely chop nuts in it but I don’t know if it would actually make it in a butter..I use blender for butter nuts, so I honestly don’t know. I know people grind ice in..which means it’s strong enough for nut butter as well?
      My main worry would be, as you mentioned nuts getting stuck on the sides..that’s always the issue isn’t it *sigh*


  8. Hello there, If you’ve just moved into your first home or you’re new to cooking, you don’t want to spend a ton of cash on a food processor. Some cheap food processors are pretty lousy but the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Food Processor holds its own at a good price.its amazing as its big enough to contain 12 cups, steel blade chopping.Hamilton has the best when it comes to food processors…thanks for sharing i hope it helps other too.

    • Hey Pretty 🙂

      I was surprise as well the quality you get considering the price. Can’t complain it does it’s job very well:)


  9. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article…….The food processor isn’t quite the heart of the kitchen (that’s your cooker or oven), but it is a vital component. A certain amount of mixing and chopping and slicing can be done manually, but the results are rarely the same to if you do it through a food processor…Hamilton has the widest range of food processors, we have a few in our home and i must say they are the best products.


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