Health Benefits of Vegan Diet

Our diet influences our health. And lately, we have a lot of health problems – most because of a Western diet. Lots of meat, carbs and not enough fruits and veggies. Not nearly enough.

Vegan diet is considered the healthiest diet you can have. Today, we’ll talk about how can vegan diet improve your health, what are the health benefits of vegan diet and what is the easiest way to have a vegan meal 3-times a week with foods you already eat.


What Goes Around Comes Around

Human body is a complex mechanism of countless processes happening in this very moment.

But, luckily, it’s also very straightforward. You have to put good in to get good our.

Think of how much time did you spend researching schools before enrolling your child? Or looking for and test-driving cars before buying one? Or looking for apartment or house you’ll call home?

I’d reckon it took you quite a while to find the school you’ll be paying for next 10 years. The same goes for car, you probably want to drive it without a worry for next couple of years, the longer the better..and you want to spend it wisely.

And for home, well you need to feel good in your home, feel safe and happy. You’ll be raising family and ground your kids in it. Home needs to be, well home. So you spend a good deal of your time finding one.


Everything in our body is somehow connected. Each and every part has it’s own task to do, everyday, 24/7.


Now, think of how long did you spend researching what you eat?

Not that much, eh?

The first and only home you will ever have is you body. You live in your body. Your body is your home, your house. Where are you going to live, where are you going to move when your body breaks down?

To keep you body, your very own home going: You have to put good in to get good our. You have to put good food in to get good health our.

Vegan diet can help you with that in the best way possible.


Health Benefits of Vegan Diet

According to Medical News Today, the top 3 leading causes of death in the US are: heart disease, cancer and asthma. (Source: Medical News Today)

The top 2 death causes are to some extent food related.
We’ll talk about more everyday related health benefits that we don’t pay attention to..but should.

Food can be the best or the worst thing for you. It can make your body fall apart or make it healthy and strong.  Let’s focus on the latter.

Health Benefit #1:

Vegan diet is kind to arteries, heart and organs in general.

T. Colin Campbell (Center for Nutritional Studies), made a study. He examined hearts of American soldiers killed in action. On average, soldiers were 22 years old, young and fit.

The study showed that 77,3 % of the examined hearts had gross evidence of heart disease. 77.3% of young, fit people. Overweight and unfit people weren’t included in the study.

This got me thinking..I’m not particularly fit. I’m not out of shape either. I gladly accept occasional junk food weekend and a movie marathon. What are my arteries like?

heart health, arteries

Healthy eating is an important part of looking after your arteries, heart and organs. Meat, dairy products, saturated fat contributes to high blood cholesterol level. That means that, the excessive cholesterol we ate sits in our arteries. Also called fatty deposits or plaques.
This plaques mess up with blood flow to organs like kidneys, brain, etc., and if arteries leading to the heart are involved, the result can be a heart attack.

Vegans have lower blood-cholesterol levels because they eat less saturated fat and no cholesterol. This absence improves your arteries, lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Health Benefit #2:

Vegan diet is kind to your Gut.

Gut is the biggest yet most underrated organ. Gut is a headmaster of our body – nearly everything goes through gut. Your gut health affects your energy level, mood, mental health, etc.

Fiber is important for healthy gut, good and regular poo times and so much more – like helping to prevent diabetes. Vegans eat much more fiber than any other diet.

Fiber is found only in plant foods and it protects against colon disease and colon cancer. In fact, the entire gut environment is much different between meat eaters and those who eat mostly plant foods. Plant – based gut is much more balanced, healthy and lively.

Health Benefit #3:

Vegan diet is protective from inside out.

Apart from fiber for healthy gut, vegans eat lots of antioxidants – way more than people eating other diets. This is because, antioxidants are found in plant foods (they include certain vitamins, minerals, and non-nutrient components). Antioxidants protect cells from the damage caused by a normal, but harmful by-product of metabolism, called free radicals. There free radicals happens because of oxygen metabolism. So, if free radicals are villain, antioxidants are vigilante. Free radicals play a critical role in the development of cancer and heart disease.

blueberry antioxidants
Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and fiber.


Health Benefit #4:

Vegan diet is kind to Kidney.

Each day, the kidney filter the entire volume of blood in the body. Not just once but about 60 times a day (180 liters/day) in order to sift our and remove unwanted chemicals. (Source: Mcb Berkeley)
Diets high in total protein force the kidneys to work harder by pushing the number 60 even higher. This puts stress on the kidneys. Stress raises the risk of kidney problems.
Total or complete protein is often an animal protein and of course, vegans don’t eat anything animal related.
Vegan’s kidneys don’t have to work as hard as in other diets. High cholesterol levels can also play part to kidney disease, so the lower cholesterol levels of vegans might be protective as well.


Health Benefit #5

Vegan diet is kind to blood pressure.

You may hear vegetarians have lower blood pressures than omnivores. But you may not hear that vegans have lower blood pressures than vegetarians.
This is probably because all the above mentioned health benefits of vegan diet.

low blood pressure


You Have To Put Good in To Get Good Out

A well-planned, balanced vegan diet cleans your body from being gummed up. Deciding to go vegan isn’t about being “a food drama” or being trendy. Vegan diet has been around for a very, very long time. In fact, human race started as a vegan.

We have lots of research and studies showing vegan diet has great, long-term health benefits. Dr Claus Leitzmann, a German dietitian said: “Studies on vegans, which have been done worldwide, and also by us, show clearly that vegans on the average are healthier than the general population. Body weight, blood pressure, blood fats and cholesterol, kidney function and general health status are more often normal.”

According to research of the Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland, as well as studies carried our by French health researchers, about 92 % of toxins contained in food are derived from animal products.


vegan diet


Remember, “You have to put good in to get good our. “?

You don’t have to know everything about how vegans eat, to tell vegan diet is “good to put in”.

Vegan diet offer health protection, but you should know not every vegan diet is healthy. Like with other diets, vegan diet too, need to be balanced and nutrient rich. Planning healthy vegan diet isn’t difficult — just different.

You can have a vegan meal with what you already have in your pantry in no time.

On a pasta day, skip putting meat in a sauce and parmigiano as well. Instead, chop a carrot, green beans, some tomatoes and voila. You made yourself a vegan meal.

The same goes for rice dishes or risotto. Next time, make it with mushrooms and cashews.

If you’re a potato fan instead of grilling a steak, grill zucchini with rosemary and sesame seeds.


vegan meal
Creating a vegan meal is not complicated and does not take a lot of time.


I hope you found the information that is useful to you. If you have any questions, want to share your experience or just chat on this topic, write a comment below. I’d love to hear your point of view!


Till next time,


10 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Vegan Diet”

  1. Thanks for this informative article and stating the benefits of been a vegan. Because we get all the nutrients that we need to be healthy, such as plant protein, fiber, and minerals, without all the nasty stuff in meat that is going to make us feel sick after consumption due to animal saturated fat.

  2. You’ve covered some really good benefits of vegan eating here, and it’s plain for everyone to see that it can be very beneficial for your overall health…but what about the environmental benefits?

    Over here in the UK, I keep on hearing about vegan diets being better for the environment, and I’m wondering how this works? How is it better for the environment?

    • Hi Chris, great question!

      I actually just read about environmental issues of meat industry today ..I’ll make a short summary to answer you question:

      In general, looking from Biology point of view, plants keep earth’s balance – as much as they need to grow they give back. With animals it’s different, specially on a large scale that meat industry is. 

      The most simple example for why is vegan diet better for environment is, plants need sun, water and soil – and you have food.

      But to grow stock, you have to grow plants to grow stock, that you can then eat.. the extend of land used for meat production is as huge as the entire continent of Africa. Imagine how much food we could grow with an extra continent!

      Then, there’s gas emissions from production, processing; fossil fuels, etc. 

      Each kilogram of beef produces 26.5 kilograms of CO2 emissions, which is 5 times more than chicken or turkey meat. 
      Lamb – for each kilo of lamb meat there’re 22.9 kg of emissions.
      Butter – The 3rd most damaging food, by some distance, is butter: 1 kg of butter equals nearly 12 kg of CO2.

      I could go on and on..but I think I should stop myself before getting too deep 🙂

      There’s a really good article on this topic, here, if you want to read more about it.



  3. Dear Katya,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring article! This article has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. I must say I found your article highly uplifting & educational.I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this article. The stats you shared are very helpful.

    My wife is a pure vegetarian and after marriage I became vegan too. So this post means a lot to me and an eye-opener. To be honest I felt very happy and enjoyed your post. Often my grandparents use to tell me “Food is our medicine and medicine is our food”.

    I totally agree that human race started as a vegan and our body is designed or more comfortable with vegan foods.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul, thank you so much for your kind words, it makes my day to read and reply to comments like yours 🙂

      I’m also happy to hear you’re enjoying vegan diet!



  4. Thanks for this fabulous post. I have always had doubts about going vegan but reading this article has shown me the unlimited benefits of being a vegan. A healthy body is very important because if you are unhealthy, you won’t be able to go about your day to day activities. You mentioned about planning a vegan diet, do you have any article on that topic?. Thanks 

    • Hi Aweda, yes, the article on planning a vegan diet is coming next week – I’m already working on it and will let you know asap I post it.

      Talk to you soon,


  5. Most time I do compare human body with machine, the more you take care of a machine the more out put it will product for you. This principle goes for our body too. If you take good care of your body the more efficient you will be. 

    heart is one of the main component of the body that need to be taken care of always at all time.Vegan diet has many benefits even more than the ones list in this article because one of the benefits is that it Promote weight 

    • Hi ajibola40, it’s true vegan diet helps you loose weight but I didn’t wrote about it because I believe every diet that is healthy will do that. You can get chubby on vegan diet as well, there’re tonnes of yummy sweets and junk food that can be considered vegan – chips, french fries, soft drinks, etc. 

      So to keep our machines, our bodies going no matter what type of diet we eat, we should eat healthy.




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