How to Lose Weight and Still Eat – a Convenient Shortcut

This is the real goal isn’t it – to lose weight and still eat? We look for something that works fast and is effective. We want to lose weight fast and then we want to eat and keep those pounds down.

This is why so many short-lived diets gain a following, even when there’s very little science behind them. People want easy to follow dietary advice to lose weight. And you do lose weight for the time being on the diet – which means, you’re eating differently that would when not on the diet.

Then the diet is finished or you fall of the wagon, you start eating your regular diet..and you regain your normal weight.

What’s happening? Why can’t we keep the weight down?

Let’s talk about that and see:

  • how to recognise pattern that makes us fail to lose weight,
  • what are some helpful directions to follow in order to keep us on track,
  • some quick tips on how to escape the vicious circle of never ending dieting and
  • discover a lovely little recommendation you can try and see if what you’re about to read really works.


What is Your Dirty Secret?

Why do we gain weight in the first place? Is it only temporarily because we’re facing a lot of stress lately and don’t have time to cook a proper meal? Is it because we’re bored and instead of going out for a walk we open a bag of chips and binge watch another Netflix series?..which is also connected to: Do we move enough? Are we active enough? How much take out do we eat in a week?

There’s a tonne more questions we can ask ourselves to see where our weight problem lies.

Having said that, you have to be honest with yourself – What are your behaviour patterns that keep you from losing weight? What’s your “ohhh-f*!k-it” thingy that keeps you from achieving  the weight you want for yourself?

To much sugar is one of the big ones. Overeating is another.

According to Dr. Hensrud, the medical director for the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, genetics and disease also play a role with weight problems, but only to up to 50% – which means you’re still in control of your body.

Be honest about your habits

I could go on and on but these are the most common issues when it comes to weight problems.

So be honest with yourself because no one else will do the work for you.


Western diet, which is based on lots of meat intake, processed foods high in calories and not enough exercise is a main cause for obesity..and I’m sure this is not the first time hearing it.

There are, however simple ways of wording sound dietary advice. One of the best examples, are the 7 word by Michael Pollan. He uses a simple framework for delivering a lot of advice on how to approach one’s relationship with food.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

The next section is from a course I took, “Stanford Introduction to Food and Health”. It is a chat with Michael Pollan and what these 7 words actually mean. I decided to include his point of view because he explains it perfectly. Short and asy to understand although there’re years of research and knowledge behind his work.


Michael Pollan: “The mantra, Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants., is the result of a very long process of examining the science of nutrition.

The key issue is: “Are you eating real food?” Or what I like to call “edible food like substances“, which is to say processed foods.

And so the phrase Eat Food, is really what you need to know, to eat well.


Eat Food, by which I mean real food, but then I realized that isn’t quite enough because we’re also eating too many calories.

So Not Too Much became part of the mantra.



Lastly, there’s a class of foods that’s better than another class.

And one of the things we know is that people who eat lots of plant foods tend to have much better health and better longevity than people who eat a heavy meat diet.

So, Mostly Plants.

I’m trying to be very reasonable and still it tends to offend both vegetarians and carnivores when you say mostly plants.


So Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants is basically I think, all you need to know.


Eat food is probably the hardest part of that to understand because isn’t all that stuff in the supermarket food?

Well, I would argue it’s not, and I would argue a lot of it are relatively new, highly processed edible food-like substances that really are what gets most people into trouble.

They tend to have lots of refined sugars, lots of refined fats, and very little fiber, very little of the antioxidants you find in plants.

And basically they were designed for long shelf life, these processed foods. And the way you make the food last longer is you take out what is nutritionally valuable.


I’m talking about omega three fatty acids, I’m talking about fiber, all these things don’t store well. So we’ve gone down a path of eating a lot of things that shouldn’t be dignified with that beautiful word, food.” – end of quotation.

What is Your Next Step

Michael’s mantra gives you a good idea what you should be eating.

Compare it with what and how you eat. This comparison can give you a lot of insight about your weight problem.

If you want to lose weight and still eat, avoid dieting.

Diets are short-term based and usually stress your body. It may work for a limited time, but when you come off the diet you will gain everything back and probably some more. You know how it goes. We all do.


Isn’t all that stuff in the supermarket food?

Well, I would argue it’s not, and I would argue a lot of it are relatively new, highly processed edible food-like substances that really are what gets most people into trouble.

– Michael Pollan


Instead of dieting, change your eating habits permanently. The seven words mantra can be a helpful guide for anyone who wants to keep it simple when it comes to choosing food.

Replace the highly processed food in your diet with reasonable amounts of real food. Including plenty of plant-based foods, the more the merrier.

And lastly, don’t over eat. Eat until you’re no longer hungry.


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This Sounds Like a Lot of Work

The most time-consuming part is changing ingredients in your pantry. My suggestion, do it in several steps.

On Monday, you can first put in your fridge water instead of sugary drinks.

On Tuesday, go buy some wholegrain pasta and veggies instead of regular pasta and pizza.

On Wednesday, check what kind of oils you’re cooking with or check the ingredients in your yogurt. You’d be surprised how much sugar you can find in products least expected.



Do You Want to Go Even Easier?

There’s still some steps you’ll need to do yourself, like using the right type of oils and such. But if you can’t be bothered with shopping for better food there’s another way.

A well-designed meal delivery, for example is the most popular and flexible option.

A high quality meal delivery service ticks all the boxes that we mentioned above. They have high quality ingredients packed with nutrients your body needs, nutrition experts that know how to combine those ingredients to maximise nutritional rainbow and professional chefs that make it delicious.

I did some research, asked around, made some calls and I came to conclusion that the meal delivery service called Vegin’ Out is people’s fav. 

They cook with real food, plant wholefoods that aren’t calorie dense, which is very important when you try to lose weight. Their serving sizes are measured out which helps you keep overeating in control. And, because it’s a delivery to your doorstep, you save time shopping for groceries and what more important, avoiding the temptation to buy junk. It’s a big win that can help you keep on the wagon.

Note that this is a meal delivery service, not a meal kit. This means that they already precooked it for you and all you need to do is heat it up and enjoy.

To make your first step towards healthy and sustainable weight loss, all you need to do is, choose which plan/recipes you’d like to have, how many times a week. And they deliver.


If Vegin’ Out sounds something you might be interested in, give it a try.

They don’t claim you’ll lose weight like some other providers. But that’s because they focus on balanced meals and less so on calorie intake. Plant based diet is in general less calorie dense and this calorie “lightness” promotes weight loss. 


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Why I recommend their service over other weight loss services?

Because you need to enjoy food you eat, you need to feel satisfied after a meal and not count calories with every bite you take. A sustainable and healthy weight loss doesn’t come from dieting – starving yourself and juicing your guts out. Sure, you will lose weight quick and for a short time, but as soon as you will stop with a diet, you will get it all back, plus a little extra.

Successful weight loss comes from positive changes in our eating habits. Well-balanced meals that sustain your body, promotes your long-term well-being and are enjoyable to eat is the way to do it..otherwise you’re not going to stick around because being hungry feels terrible and denying yourself that crunchy cookie with hot cocoa sucks.

This is why I recommend a meal delivery service that doesn’t claim weight loss but still have everything you need, nutrition wise to succeed shedding those inches. Because this is a long-term solution and not a 2 week down-and-back-up thing. 


Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants.



If you want to lose weight and still eat play by these words.

Be honest with yourself and address your problem – is it stress eating, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet or other health related issue?

If it’s unhealthy diet with lots of sugar in it, a good amount of packed, processed foods, too much oil and not enough veggies, grains and fruits, then a convenient shortcut would be to try out Vegin’ Out for couple of weeks and see how you feel.


This way you get real food you’re suppose to eat directly to your home, without browsing for the right products in supermarket.

You avoid dieting and start with a healthy, long-term eating habits, that will lead to weight lose and better health.

To lose weight and still eat we need to choose foods that will support our health, rather than working against it.




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I hope you found the information you were looking for. Loosing weight is never a breeze so take your time and plan it well. If you have question, want to tell about your experience or chat on the topic leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Till next time,


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