What is the best probiotic for weight loss

The best probiotic is a natural, safe and beneficial supplement to help you lose weight. With the right probiotics in your gut, they act as great helpers for health and weight management.   On the other hand, when the gut balance is ruined we experience the opposite – health problems and weight gain. In this … Read more

homemade vegan granola recipe

Homemade Vegan Granola Recipe

Store bought granola tastes great but it often comes with honey and sneaky milk powder – that’s the high quality granola. The rest of them are packed with sugar, sweeteners. You are better off making your own, homemade vegan granola at home. And here’s the recipe for it. First, when you decide to make your … Read more

high fiber foods list

High Fiber Foods List That Are Cheap and Healthy

Below is a list of high fiber foods. Foods that contain: 6 g fibre or more per 100 g are considered to be high fibre foods, at least 3 g of fibre or more per 100 g are considered to be a source of fibre. According to the most up-to-date Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the … Read more

do dietary supplements really work

Do dietary supplements really work?

We all take some sort of supplements. Multivitamin, fiber, vitamin D, protein, etc. We love to treat ourselves with a little pill that will make us healthier. But does it really? Do dietary supplements really work?

Best homemade granola recipe

Best homemade granola recipe

Homemade granola can be good in so many different ways. The experimentation seems endless, but here is the best homemade granola recipe that I think has all of the most desirable flavors, fragrance, and nutrition rolled up in one big batch.
The best homemade granola recipe is packed with different nuts,seeds and grains.

What to eat for more Fiber?

What should we eat for more fiber? With nutrition boom and a million different diets it is difficult not to get lost in terminology, details and irrelevant, unhealthy “health tips”. Today, we will talk about what foods to eat to get more fiber. We’ll see why everybody’s talking about fiber, explain some terminology you’ve encountered … Read more

how to eat less carbs

How to Eat Less Carbs – The Right Way

Lately, a lot of attention has been focused on the fact that many of us should eat less carbs. So when we ask ourselves “how to eat less carbs” the question is too broad. In fact, the category carbohydrates includes a wide spectrum of foods. Some of which are really important for our health. And some of which can … Read more

How to Increase Metabolism: Myths and Truths

Before we dive in the waters of how to increase your metabolism, we have to clear up some fog found on the internet.When you type in Google “How to increase your metabolism” you get tips such as drink cold water, stand up more, lift heavy things and so on.This is the fog we have to … Read more