whole food plant based shopping list

Whole Food Plant Based Shopping List

I often get asked what I eat and how do I shop for groceries. If you are new to Whole food plant based scene or you want to have a more organized approach when doing your groceries, this post is for you. There is also a downloadable, printable version at the end of this post … Read more

calcium rich foods for vegans

Calcium Rich Foods for Vegans

Here is a list of Calcium rich foods for vegans. No dairy, no supplements, only whole foods, plant based sources of Calcium. Calcium is an important mineral for strong bones, healthy teeth and healthy nervous system. It’s important for muscle contractions and blood clotting. RDI of calcium is between 1000-1300 mg per day and can … Read more

high fiber foods list

High Fiber Foods List That Are Cheap and Healthy

Below is a list of high fiber foods. Foods that contain: 6 g fibre or more per 100 g are considered to be high fibre foods, at least 3 g of fibre or more per 100 g are considered to be a source of fibre. According to the most up-to-date Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the … Read more

Iron Rich Foods List

Iron Rich Foods List

If iron is your target mineral, you will find the list of iron rich foods very useful. Iron rich foods are the best long-term solution to avoid iron deficiency. Please know that women have a higher daily intake : 18mg/day. Whereas men have 8mg/day. Within both genders, vegans, vegetarians, pregnant women, women in child-bearing age … Read more


How to Read a Nutrition Label – Examples

Many people are confused by how to read nutrition labels we see on packaged foods in the supermarket. Before we talk about some simple tips for reading those labels, it’s important to remember that some of the healthiest foods in the store, like fresh fruits and vegetables, or a filet of fish don’t need nutrition labels to … Read more