What is good fat

What Is Good Fat and Which Foods Are Rich In It

Today, we’re going back to basics and talk about fats. Specifically what is so called good fat, why is it good, how its different for bad fat and where to find the good fat. Fats are a confusing minefield that we all struggle with. We read about good fats that are good for your heart or … Read more

How to lower cholesterol without medication

Today’s topic is how to lower cholesterol without medication. The number one killer in most Western countries is cardiovascular disease and its right helping hand high cholesterol. Today, we’ll talk about: what we can do to lower cholesterol without taking medication, naturally through changes in diet, we’ll also talk what coronary artery disease is, how … Read more

do dietary supplements really work

Do dietary supplements really work?

We all take some sort of supplements. Multivitamin, fiber, vitamin D, protein, etc. We love to treat ourselves with a little pill that will make us healthier. But does it really? Do dietary supplements really work?

What to eat for more Fiber?

What should we eat for more fiber? With nutrition boom and a million different diets it is difficult not to get lost in terminology, details and irrelevant, unhealthy “health tips”. Today, we will talk about what foods to eat to get more fiber. We’ll see why everybody’s talking about fiber, explain some terminology you’ve encountered … Read more


How to Read a Nutrition Label – Examples

Many people are confused by how to read nutrition labels we see on packaged foods in the supermarket. Before we talk about some simple tips for reading those labels, it’s important to remember that some of the healthiest foods in the store, like fresh fruits and vegetables, or a filet of fish don’t need nutrition labels to … Read more

how to eat less carbs

How to Eat Less Carbs – The Right Way

Lately, a lot of attention has been focused on the fact that many of us should eat less carbs. So when we ask ourselves “how to eat less carbs” the question is too broad. In fact, the category carbohydrates includes a wide spectrum of foods. Some of which are really important for our health. And some of which can … Read more

how to eat less sugar

How to Eat Less Sugar – Cake isn’t the Problem

Sweet stuff and desserts are so yumm! But we all know they contain a lot of sugar and so we don’t eat much of it. But still..we read and hear sugar is one of the main reasons we gain weight or can’t get rid of it. So if we don’t eat much desserts and sweets, … Read more

What is processed food

What is Processed Food and How to Recognise It

One of the biggest problems with the typical Western diet is the fact that a lot of our food is refined, or highly processed. Processed food is stripped of important nutrients like fiber, iron and B vitamins, and this is done by food manufactures for two reasons. Good-Looking & Long-Term Relationship First reason is to … Read more