Vegan diet for beginners 

Hey you, so you decided to go vegan, eh? Fantastic! Vegan diet is not just carrots and salads, you know. And it’s definitely not boring or plain.   You’ll be surprised how easy it is to veganise your favorite recipes..specially today. There’re plenty of plant based food choices that will make your transition easy and … Read more

whole food plant based shopping list

Whole Food Plant Based Shopping List

I often get asked what I eat and how do I shop for groceries. If you are new to Whole food plant based scene or you want to have a more organized approach when doing your groceries, this post is for you. There is also a downloadable, printable version at the end of this post … Read more

easy vegan pancake recipe

Easy vegan pancake recipe

Pancakes are always a good idea. Having pancakes for breakfast is even better because it means you don’t have to hurry and your day will be absolutely laid back and Zen. To celebrate slow and quiet mornings we need an easy vegan pancake recipe to go with. This recipe is easy, I require 5 ingredients … Read more


Best Vegan Chili Recipe

This is hands down, the best vegan chili recipe ever. Although it has quite a lot of ingredients, the chili itself doesn’t take long to make – about an hour or so. It freezes well so make a big pot of it and freeze it for busy times. This particular recipe also has a special place … Read more

What is good fat

What Is Good Fat and Which Foods Are Rich In It

Today, we’re going back to basics and talk about fats. Specifically what is so called good fat, why is it good, how its different for bad fat and where to find the good fat. Fats are a confusing minefield that we all struggle with. We read about good fats that are good for your heart or … Read more

How to lower cholesterol without medication

Today’s topic is how to lower cholesterol without medication. The number one killer in most Western countries is cardiovascular disease and its right helping hand high cholesterol. Today, we’ll talk about: what we can do to lower cholesterol without taking medication, naturally through changes in diet, we’ll also talk what coronary artery disease is, how … Read more

do dietary supplements really work

Do dietary supplements really work?

We all take some sort of supplements. Multivitamin, fiber, vitamin D, protein, etc. We love to treat ourselves with a little pill that will make us healthier. But does it really? Do dietary supplements really work?

vegan substitute for sour cream

Vegan substitute for sour cream

I prefer to make my own food, from scratch, and vegan substitute for sour cream is not the exception. It’s much more affordable than store-bought, you can use high-quality ingredients and really know what you put in and what you eat. 

how to start a vegan diet for beginners

How to start a vegan diet for beginners

Today we’ll talk about how to start a vegan diet for beginners. You’ve decided you want to go vegan. Great stuff. But now, you need to actually start eating vegan.