calcium rich foods for vegans

Calcium Rich Foods for Vegans

Here is a list of Calcium rich foods for vegans. No dairy, no supplements, only whole foods, plant based sources of Calcium. Calcium is an important mineral for strong bones, healthy teeth and healthy nervous system. It’s important for muscle contractions and blood clotting. RDI of calcium is between 1000-1300 mg per day and can … Read more

do dietary supplements really work

Do dietary supplements really work?

We all take some sort of supplements. Multivitamin, fiber, vitamin D, protein, etc. We love to treat ourselves with a little pill that will make us healthier. But does it really? Do dietary supplements really work?

vegan SUpplements Recommendations

Vegan supplements recommendations

Vegan supplements recommendations are all over the place. You need these supplements, no, you don’t need any supplements on a vegan diet. So what’s the real deal with recommendations for vegan supplements? First, we’ll talk about protein and calcium because they’re easily met on a vegan diet. And then, we’ll discuss vitamin B12, Vitamin D … Read more

Iron Rich Foods List

Iron Rich Foods List

If iron is your target mineral, you will find the list of iron rich foods very useful. Iron rich foods are the best long-term solution to avoid iron deficiency. Please know that women have a higher daily intake : 18mg/day. Whereas men have 8mg/day. Within both genders, vegans, vegetarians, pregnant women, women in child-bearing age … Read more

Symptoms of iron deficiency

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency in Women

Iron is a very important dietary mineral. That’s because iron deficiency is a common problem across the world, especially in women. Iron deficiency leads to a condition called anemia. Women lose more iron than men and that is why we are prone to being iron deficient. A balanced diet is usually enough to meet the … Read more

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in women can lead to more serious consequences than in men.

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Women – Essential for Life

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency can be very quiet and hard to notice. Pregnant and breastfeeding, as well as elderly women should pay extra attention getting enough of vitamin B12.   Womens Body and Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 is equally important for women and well as men. However, B12 deficiency in women can have more … Read more